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Zack Baker is portrayed by Edison Chen
First Appearance: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Bloodlines. Zack's birthday is October 16, 1981. He is the youngest son of James and Amanda Baker, and younger brother of Billy and Allie Baker. Allie is the one he knows the best, since they were put into foster care when he was four-months-old. The only time they were separated was in 1990 when Allie ran away with a biker gang. While she was gone, Billy stepped forward to take guardianship of his siblings. Police officers from California returned her to New York City just in time to move in with him.

Things stayed quiet for a year, and then a new Shredder had Billy murdered. Allie and Zack met the Turtles and learned they were the grandchildren of Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen. Allie fell in love with Michaelangelo, so she passed leading the Hamato clan to Zack (read Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Bloodlines).

Zack met Zoe and the rest of her family in the adventures chronicled in To Be a Hero.

He, Keno, and Ron Smyth ended up in Hyrule in Legends of Hyrule: Trials of War. Agmaraa killed Ron and nearly killed Keno and Zack before she was stopped.

Zack ran into Agmaraa again when he was dropped into an alternative New York City in Gargoyles: Caught in a Folded Web. Luckily, he was taken in by the Manhattan Clan and he was able to help them stop Agmaraa's murderous campaign against halflings. It was almost at the cost of his life, but Cassandra and Umbriel were able to bring him back. Cassandra adopted him until he was able to go home in Gargoyles: Wild as Swallow's Song.

In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ronin, Zack's world was shaken by Splinter's illness and Allie's turn at vigilantism ended with her killing the Shredder to save him. She left him again to come to grips with what she had and done and forgive herself.

Three months after Allie and Mona Lisa had left, Zack and Raphael both were tagged by Val Tech. They took Di and Snake-eyes' advice, and traveled with Di and the Black Bones. Val Tech caught up with them in Chicago and Zack, Di, and Donatello were captured.

Zack was rescued first with Sparks' help, but he had already been exposed to a mutagen. While he suffered with the transformation, the Turtles and Allie teamed up with the Biker Mice From Mars to stop Limburger and Val Tech. Donnie and Di were able to reverse most of Zack's mutation into a gargoyle, leaving him with extra strength, nocturnal eyesight, and eyes that glow when he gets pissed (read Wars Are Won by Those Who Dare: Family, Friends, and Foes.

Zack got warning for his next universe-jumping adventure. Lissa asked for his help to find Lyle on a different world. But the first people he met in the O.Z. turned out to be DG, Wyatt Cain, Glitch, and Raw. He joined them on their quest to find the source of rebellion in the O.Z. and found Lyle trapped in the form of a dragon being used by the same group in Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas.

The Biker Mice visit New York in Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: New York, New York.

Zack returns to the O.Z. when it is threatened by an old foe.

"Shadow" is a childhood nickname Allie gave Zack before she ran away.

Zackverse Story Order:

  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Bloodlines A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fanfic. The Turtles are used to being blamed for the crimes they stop in the Big Apple. But they aren't murderers - despite what Chief Sterns says. And the quest to clear their names is complicated by the arrival of the victim's younger siblings needing protection from the Shredder.
  2. To Be a Hero: Hero Awakens
  3. To Be a Hero: Hero Born
  4. To Be a Hero: Hero Recognized
  5. Legends of Hyrule: The Hyruelinana (Technically Zack's not in this story, but it happens before Trials of War.)
  6. Legends of Hyrule: Trials of War
  7. Gargoyles: Caught in a Tangled Web
  8. Gargoyles: Wild as a Swallow's Song
  9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ronin A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fanfic. Sequel to Bloodlines. Allie's beginning college coincides with the appearance of a new vigilante on the streets. The Turtles name her the Ronin, but is she really masterless or is her hatred for the Shredder an Oscar-winning performance?
  10. Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Family, Friends, and Foes A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fanfic. Sequel to The Ronin. Val Tech discovers the Turtles and now they're on the run. But things really explode once they reach Chicago. A crossover with Biker Mice From Mars.
  11. Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas Five months after the Eclipse, Longcoat attacks and dragon sightings terrorize the population, so DG and her companions set out to save the O.Z. again and cross paths with a Slipper on a mission of his own.