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First Appearance: First season episode "Rock & Ride"

Also known as Vincent, and has called himself "Vincent Van Wham, the Velocity Atrocity."

Vinnie is the youngest of the Biker Mice, approximately twenty-three years old at the start of Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Shatter Your Illusions. He is a brash, barely controllable, adrenaline junkie. The metal flex-plate shielding mask covering the right side of his face hides scars he received during the Battle for the Tug Transformer (see third season episodes "Once Upon a Time on Mars: Parts One - Three"). He is also the smallest of the three mice, but what he lacks in mass he makes up for in fury during a fight.

The only thing Vinnie likes better than proving that he is the best at everything is talking about how he's the best at everything. One has to wonder how seriously he takes his enormous ego or if just uses it to hide behind. But he doesn't bother to hide how much he cares for his bros Throttle and Modo.

He also considers himself irresistible to the ladies. If a pretty girl is in the vicinity, he's going to flirt and charm his way into her heart. Poor Charley Davidson has been his steady target since they crashed on Earth. Unfortunately, he has yet to find a sure-fired method that works.

My Fanon:

Vincent's mother was a single mom, and that she thought he was a cute baby was probably the first worst thing to happen to him. She kept her baby even though she was emotionally unfit to parent and slept with just about anyone and any thing in town, and the whole town knew it. Her emotional abuse centered on absenteeism and complaining how having a kid cramped her life. Some of her boyfriends liked Vinnie okay and others were physically abusive. Throttle and Modo became the big brother/father figures he needed, and Bola was the only stable adult who didn't push him away.

His mother also named him after her favorite Earth actor, Vincent Price, to his everlasting shame. He adds the "Van Wham" so no one will associate him with the skinny guy from the horror movies.

Vinnie's nickname for Greasepit is Lard-butt.

Vinnie says "Still the baddest mamajammer on six planets." in the episode "Test of Friendship." Planets: Mars, Earth, Towess, unnamed 4, unnamed 5, unnamed 6. At the time of that episode, they haven't traveled to Plutark yet.

Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: series:

To Vinnie's delight, Charley finally gave in and went out on a date with him. The only thing either one of them will say about it is that it's better for the universe if they just remain friends. He wouldn't even explain what happened to Throttle or Modo.

Vinnie has considered that maybe he wasn't seeing Charley but his first true love Harley through the human mechanic. The girl he's chasing now is nothing like either one of them. Tala rides, shoots, and parties just as hard as he does. And is hot and sexy too. Unfortunately, she has been hurt and wasn't interested in any type of relationship with him. He managed to talk her into giving him a chance of proving his good... er... sincere intentions (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Shatter Your Illusions).

Vinnie didn't have too much patience with Throttle's withdrawing attitude during the next three weeks after they got back from Mars. He figured a night out with a woman would do wonders for his tan-furred bro, but he never considered Charley in that role. She never told him he was right either (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Put Me Back Together).

He got his next opportunity to sweep Tala off her feet about four weeks after meeting her. They reunited on board the Olympian Fury. The Biker Mice and Charley were accidentally transported there by Limburger; Tala brought in a group of freed slaves. He escorted her to Hot Rod's Captain's Ball and she spent the time explaining how big a threat she considered Colonel Exhaust.

During their second date, Internal Security officers tried to arrest them as part of Colonel Exhaust's coup. Vinnie and Tala quickly defeated them but not in time to keep Vinnie's bike from getting captured. They rendezvoused with Modo, Axle, and Sparks at Tala's ship. Tala organized the rescue of Throttle, Charley, and Roddie, and the attack on the Internal Security-controlled hanger bay to let the Rock Squad return to the Fury.

Vinnie caused considerable damage to the Internal Security offices while being the distraction to allow Sparks to release Throttle, Charley, and Roddie. He and Tala were the first ones to enter the bridge. He was unable to stop Ruger from committing suicide, but he did find Clutch before the mouse died from his injuries.

He stumbled again in his burgeoning relationship with Tala. After triggering another one of her panic attacks when he misunderstood her signals, he angrily called her a tease and blamed her for her rape experience. She responded by telling him just how much it was against her fourteen-year-old will and throwing him out of her room. Throttle talked to Tala and then made Vinnie talk to her. When they were through apologizing to each other, Vinnie asked for another chance. Tala agreed to give him one when she returned to Earth (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Reunions).

When they ended up with a mutating human kid who didn't want to go to a hospital, Vinnie suggested taking him to Tala's building. She had told him she had a room set up for medical emergencies. Luckily for Zack, Tala had just returned with the more sophisticated medical bay in the More Hot Stuff. Everyone ended up crashing at her building and Tala gave up fighting it because their wasn't enough room at the Last Chance Garage for them all. Vinnie's attempt to be nice ends up with him getting punched and Tala got jealous of Vinnie's defense of Allie Baker but eventually they talked about it (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Family, Friends, and Foes).

Sparks had the idea to celebrate Thanksgiving, Charley was really distracted, Throttle was distracted by whatever was bothering Charley, so Vinnie invited Tala to the meal and to help rein in Sparks' plans. She did research on her own and found out what happened to Chuck Davidson and ended up helping solve the mystery. Vinnie was attacked while he was exploring Lomiskey Park and Tala saved him from being strangled (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Let Us Give Thanks).

Six months later, Vinnie was the first to find out that Turbo had kidnapped Charley and Throttle was facing him alone (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Turbo). He flashes back to when he found out about Turbo. He was twelve years old and jumped into the van Turbo tossed a ten-year-old Hot Rod into. He fought the adult until his arm was broken and he was knocked out, but it bought time for Modo and Throttle to find them.

Future Notes:

Throttle and Modo and their families provided the stability Vinnie needed, which is why he reacts so badly--goes off the deep end--when Throttle's going blind is his fault.

Later conversation between Vinnie and Tala when they go for sex after Rexus's death.
Vinnie: "After all, some things get better with anticipation."
Tala: "I was referring to fighting."
Vinnie: "I known. But it's true now too."

Evil Jack series:

Vinnie is the first one to spot Charley and Hannah calls him out for following them in the grocery store. Later on, when the full detail of what was done to Charley is known, he blames himself for putting Charley in harm's way because of his jealousy fueled fight he had with her. He has the hardest time accepting Hannah, mainly because his mother never really wanted him (read Evil Jack: Domestic Bliss).

Thanks to his war injuries and what Karbunkle did with no anesthesia, Vinnie doesn't handle hospitals well. Throttle sends him out with Charley so she can take a break and get cleaned up, but Vinnie ends up distracted by Limburger's goons and loses Charley (read Evil Jack: In Sickness).

Vinnie finally works up the nerve and asks Charley out on a date. It is a disaster and he finally comes to terms with he's not the partner she needs to raise Hannah. Unfortunately, Throttle overhears Vinnie and Charley's discussion and comes to the wrong conclusion. His attempts to get out of the way of their romance and to hold his jealousy in check just hurt his friends. After Throttle woke from his surgery after getting shot, he tells Vinnie what to do to win Hannah and Charley over. Vinnie instead deposits Charley back in the bedroom with Throttle so they can make up (read Evil Jack: For Worse).