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First Appearance: First season episode "Rock & Ride"

Throttle is the leader of the Biker Mice. He was the second-in-command of the Freedom Fighters under Stoker's command. He and Carbine were lovers during the Plutarkian/Martian War. His eyes are bionic replacements given to him by Dr. Karbunkle during the Battle for the Tug Transformer (see third season episodes "Once Upon a Time on Mars: Parts One - Three). He is approximately twenty-five years old at the start of Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Shatter Your Illusions. He is the calmest of the three mice, not prone to violent displays of anger like Modo or suicidal stunts like Vinnie. He tends to brood over things and when he gets mad enough to show it, watch out.

He will do just about anything for Modo, Vinnie, and Charley Davidson; just as they would for him. He is the smartest of the three mice, shouting out battle maneuvers that have been named and numbered during their fights with Lawrence Limburger. Not as strong or as big as Modo (he's shorter by five inches), his punches are aided by the nuke-knucks glove he wears on his right hand. But he is left-handed and keeps his gun strapped to his left leg, though he seems to shoot well with either hand. Throttle's bike most closely resembles a Harley Davidson 1997 FXSTS Springer Softail.

Not much is known about Throttle's family or childhood. Wait a minute, it's more like nothing--he has never referred to it. His word is his bond; he keeps it with bad guys even after they renegade on their part of the deal. That's probably part of the reason he won't give up fighting the Plutarkians. His oath as a Freedom Fighter is to stop all of them wherever he may find them. His strong sense of duty to this creed prevented him from reuniting with Carbine and going back to Mars both times he has seen her lately (see second season episodes "Back to Mars: Parts One - Three" and "Seeds of Victory").

Throttle keeps everything bottled up inside until it explodes; concentrating so hard on being the dependable leader, getting the bad guys, saving Mars and Earth is all more important than his personal feelings. Vinnie and Modo have much healthier expression of emotion ironically because Throttle has always been there for them. Not that they wouldn't be there for Throttle but when he needs them, he shoves them away for their own good. He keeps putting himself last and eventually it catches up with him.

My Fanon:

Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare series:

Carbine finally gave up on Throttle returning to her and chose the most painful way of telling him she could have possibly come up with. By the time he reached Mars to try to talk things out, she was already married. Stoker did what he could to keep Throttle calm--mainly getting him too drunk to do anything. But that led to Throttle inadvertently revealing to Charley that he had fantasies about her, things he would never act on as long as his self-control remained strong.

Modo told Charley that Throttle doesn't have any family left on Mars, meaning blood kin. But she still doesn't know what happened to them. Evidently it was something bad enough to make him consider getting off Mars and staying off forever after his ties had been severed with Carbine (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Shatter Your Illusions).

Losing Carbine brought up all of Throttle's previous losses. For the next three weeks after their trip to Mars, his nightmares of the past and his fears of losing Vinnie, Modo, and Charley tortured him. He sought forgetfulness in fights with Limburger's Goons instead of turning to his friends. He didn't want to cause them pain. He was injured while fighting Limburger's goons and his bike brought him to Charley. She took the opportunity to talk him off the self-destructive path he was taking, but the talk soon revealed just how strong the physical attraction was between them. Charley rescued Throttle from the goons that interrupted their bout of necking and from emotions that threatened to overwhelm him. But it ended in misunderstanding. Throttle--ashamed that he had used Charley when he loved her--gave her the impression that he just wanted to be friends. She told him that's what she wanted, and he went along with it (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Put Me Back Together).

A week passed, and the Biker Mice and Charley found themselves on board the Olympian Fury. Eight years before, the Plutarkians reported destroying it and killing the refugees on board. Throttle found his cousin Hot Rod not only alive and well, but Captain of the entire ship, married, and raising an adopted kid. And he told Charley that his parents died when he was four-years-old and Roddie's parents--his Uncle Cutlass and Aunt Vev--raised them as brother and sister.

With Roddie's encouragement, Throttle took Charley out on a date and admitted that he loved her. To his amazement, she told him she felt the same. Their date was ruined by the insane Colonel Exhaust trying to take over the Fury and almost killing Charley. Throttle killed him in the heat of the fight. Vinnie and Modo accepted Throttle and Charley's expanded relationship with a minimum of teasing--though Throttle is convinced more is coming (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Reunions).

They had a week of down time and settling into their new relationship before Limburger and Val Tech's new team up attacked them and vigilante tourists: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Black Bones (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Family, Friends, and Foes).

Throttle and Charley hit a rough patch when the stalker who murdered her father started threatening her again during Thanksgiving. Throttle's response was to work with the police to lure him out. Charley freaked out that she would lose the new family she has made with the Biker Mice and Sparks. They did defeat the bad guy but it was a closer thing than anyone was prepared for (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Let Us Give Thanks).

We finally learn about Throttle's parents when Throttle's half-brother Turbo comes to Chicago to kill him in Eroite since the previous attempts hadn't worked. Throttle shows Charley his memories when he was four and Turbo led a group to their homestead to kill the alenish Blade. Throttle obeyed Tamara and hid. She was killed in his place when they couldn't find him. Her bike--the same one Throttle rides now--brought him to Cutlass and Vev (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Turbo).

Future Notes:

The pendent Throttle gives Charley at the end of "Blind" is one of the gems Tala paid them with a silver C inserted in its heart. Scan visual note and insert. "You're my rock, Charley, my anchor in all this chaos, my cave in the sandstorm. I wouldn't exist without you. I just wanted to give you something to always remind you of that."

Evil Jack series:

Throttle blocked the laser bolt Jack MacCyber aimed at the amnesiac Charley in Karbunkle's lab. He woke up in her new car going to pick up Hannah from Chef Andy. They discovered Jack kidnapped her and Throttle jumped into the river when Jack throw Hannah in. He was able to use his Martian mind tricks to restore Charley's access to her memories (read Evil Jack: Domestic Bliss).

Charley ended up relying on Throttle as a father figure for Hannah, and he enthusiastically fell into the role. Carbine didn't find Throttle playing daddy cute and her long distance radio calls got more tense. But when Hannah falls ill and is hospitalized, everyone sees how he's not playing (read Evil Jack: In Sickness).

Vinnie finally took Charley out a date that was a disaster and Carbine broke up with Throttle. Suddenly single, they ended up having drunken consensual sex. But Throttle figures Charley has picked Vinnie and isn't handling his heartbreak as maturely as he wants to. So it's the perfect time for Jack to return for revenge (read Evil Jack: For Worse).