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First Appearance: Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Shatter Your Illusions

Also known as Olivia Twist, Benzine, and N'qoth Talantah.

Tala is a human mercenary about twenty-four-years-old. She rides a blue Martian bike named Hot Stuff that has been modified with a flight mode built into the tires. She flies a black spaceship named More Hot Stuff. She's tough, a great shot and biker, and uses sarcasm as her buffer. She also has prophetic dreams. The one that has been with her the longest and disturbs her the most is the dream in which a humanoid mouse with white fur made love to her and she wanted him to. Tala's body has been genetically engineered to be stronger and heal faster than the human norm, and to be immune to the effects of alcohol. However, a certain mixed drink will still get her drunk and she is very careful not to order it often.

In the Earth year 1990, Tala bought a building in Chicago and set up her "Olivia Twist" identity for business on that planet. She left to continue her mercenary career. She made her first trip to Mars about four years after that. She and Carbine didn't get along, but the General realized they needed her help. Carbine assigned Stoker, recently broken out of prison, to be the go-between the Freedom Fighters and Tala. Tala and the former Freedom Fighter leader got along fine.

About a year later, Tala heard a rumor that Zekpith was leading a gang of slavers and they were doing business with a Plutarkian on Earth. She completed a supply run to Mars and decided she needed to check up on the neighboring planet. It had been five years since she had last been there. Carbine paid her to hand-deliver a letter to a mouse in Chicago named Throttle. Since the Plutarkian she was looking for, a Lawrence Lactavius Limburger, was supposed to be there, she took the job.

She found Limburger, Zekpith, Throttle, and the mouse from her dreams--Throttle's bro Vinnie. She ended up accepting the Biker Mice and Charley Davidson's help, and brought them for a weekend trip to Mars. Vinnie has developed a huge crush on her and she is confused over how she feels about him. And given that her body cannot respond pleasurably to his advances, she fears that nothing will develop (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Shatter Your Illusions).

About a year before meeting the Biker Mice, Tala attacked a slave ship in the asteroid belt and got some unexpected help from a troop of Martian mice. This troop belonged to the Olympian Fury, a refugee ship from Mars dedicated to freeing as many mice as they could and striking the Plutarkians whenever the stinkfish gave them a chance. She and the Captain struck a deal and Tala became a supply runner. She could get their products to Mars without tipping off the Plutarkians about their existence.

So Tala ferried their goods to Mars and delivered slaves and prisoners she freed to the Fury. Then Colonel Exhaust took over Internal Security. He and Tala clashed a few times and Tala usually emerged victorious without having to rely on her connection to the Captain. Ivero allied with her against Exhaust and she ferried the non-mice who were frightened away to safer havens.

She was bringing in a new group of freed slaves when she learned of Exhaust's new scheme--to deny aliens the right to board the Fury. The alien in question was a baby adopted by one of the ex-slaves, so Tala went over the Internal Security officer's head and called Roddie. Roddie and her husband arrived quickly along with the Biker Mice and Charley. They had been transported to the Fury by Limburger and had no idea what was going on. Vinnie and Roddie both talked Tala into going to Roddie's ball after Colonel Exhaust had been put in his place and the baby allowed onboard.

She used the time with Vinnie at the party to try to discover the connection between them and Roddie, and learned that Roddie and Throttle are cousins. She warned Vinnie about Exhaust's bigotry against non-mice. He actually suggested a logical choice of action--to stay onboard until she was convinced the baby was safe. Tala took the first steps to assuring that by talking to Ivero after the Captain's Ball. Her next step was to follow Exhaust at the start of Olympian City's next day. His first stop was to harass Charley and Tala stepped in before the bikes decided to protect the mechanic with lethal force. It ruined her spy mission, but she got a second date with Vinnie.

While they were on that date, Colonel Exhaust began his coup to take control of the Fury and sent Internal Security officers to arrest them. They whipped their tails easily enough, but not in time to keep Vinnie's bike from getting captured. Much to Vinnie's dismay, they had to leave it in Internal Security hands so they could make sure people were safe. Ivero and his people were protecting endangered civilians and promised to keep Internal Security forces busy. Tala and Vinnie found Modo, Axle, and Sparks at the More Hot Stuff and learned that Throttle, Charley, and Roddie had been captured and Lance and the Rock Squad were being locked out of their hanger bay. Using plans she had gotten from Sparks in an even trade, Tala devised a double-attack.

Vinnie, Sparks, and Modo rescued Throttle, Charley, and Roddie while Tala and Axle let the Rock Squad back in. Then both groups met at the main elevator back to the bridge to finish the fight. She and Vinnie were the first inside the bridge, but were unable to stop Ruger from committing suicide. They found Clutch before the commander died from his injuries.

Charley's body reacted to her experience on Exhaust's jolt bed and the Biker Mice got Tala. She explained what treatment to use based on personal experience. While Charley and Throttle were recuperating, Tala pointed out the incredible resemblance shared by Modo and Sparks--correctly guessing that Modo was Sparks's father and setting off an argument between Modo and Roddie. She brought Vinnie back to her rooms and he caused another panic attack. Angrily, she claimed her was only interested in sex. He called her a tease and said she asked to be raped. She just barely kept control of her rage and tossed him out of her rooms, after telling him she was tied down to keep from fighting back when she was fourteen.

Throttle was the one who got them both talking again. Tala agreed to give Vinnie another chance because of how he apologized and because it was partly her fault. They decided to have another date when Tala returned to Earth (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Reunions).

Tala returned to Chicago in time to open More Hot Stuff's medbay to Zack Baker and to house out-of-town do-gooders in her building. She ended up getting roped into the fight against Limburger and Val Tech and ended up with a triggering encounter with a Vex for her trouble. She survived, her belongings survived, and Vinnie only got punched once (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Family, Friends, and Foes).

MC tricked her into returning to Chicago for the beginning of the holly jolly season citing a psychological evaluation program that her continued avoidance of Earth holidays is unhealthy. Vinnie invites her to the Thanksgiving blowout Sparks' is planning and then asks for her help in reining in what the kid is planning. So she was in the garage as well when Throttle announces he is participating in the Riders of Mercy charity race and she was the one to call him out on announcing it to upset Charley. She does her own research which Modo, Vinnie, and Sparks confirmed the next day and then drags them furniture shopping to replace Charley's bedroom set that her stalker destroyed. She joins in as backup watching the race and saves Vinnie from being strangled in the stands. She gave out the orders when Throttle and Charley were captured by the killer as they searched for them (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Let Us Give Thanks).

When Turbo showed up in Chicago six months after Thanksgiving, Throttle got armor from Tala because Turbo didn't know about her but refused to take her as backup in meeting with him to get Charley back. then Vinnie refused to talk to her about the situation, so she went to the scoreboard and found only Sparks. Sparks told her where the meeting was located in exchange for a ride. She had the pleasure of waking Throttle up from the laser blast his borrowed armor stopped. They used her teleporter to get to Turbo's ship, and then Vinnie had a mental episode after he was injured and needed her medbay. It reminded him of Karbunkle's lab when his face was permanently damaged. She and Modo followed the crashing Thunderpipe to the Quigley Field scoreboard, pulled Charley, Throttle, and Turbo's body from the wreckage. She helped bury Turbo, and then gave the other Biker Mice a place to stay in her building so Throttle and Charley could have some privacy. Sparks sneaked away to find Turbo's bike in the wreckage, but she only realized that after Modo panicked and went to the garage. So she was the first one back to the scoreboard and got to see the others' reactions as they arrived (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Turbo).

Future Notes:

She rescued P'qoth Ntah of the Mslaku of the planet Airet. She took a shot meant for him, and Ntah died to save her. She was adopted by the Mslaku as N'qoth Talantah. Because of the body energy transfer method the Airetians use to save their knowledge and loved ones, Tala's mind is invisible to telepaths, and she is immune to vampire hypnotism. Tala's precog dreams are a psychic gift from Ntah when he saved her life. "It's something that runs in my clan, my family. They say my father dreamed true dreams."

Airetian Language

  • P'qoth - savior of the clan
  • N'qoth - savior of the soul
  • Damal cie -
  • Famak -