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<HTML>First Appearance: Third season episode "Caveat Mentor"

<IMG alt="Stoker during the Battle for the Tug Transformer" hspace=25 src=""><IMG alt="Present-day Stoker" src=""></HTML>

Stoker was the founding leader of the Freedom Fighters. A good bit older than the Biker Mice, he trained Throttle, Modo, Vinnie, and Rimfire during the Plutarkian/Martian War. His tail was replaced with a bionic one by Dr. Karbunkle during the Battle for the Tug Transformer (see third season episode "Once Upon a Time on Mars Parts One - Three).

After that battle, the Martian Army and the Freedom Fighters finally combined forces. What was left of the civilian government collapsed as those who had sold out Mars saved their own tails. The Biker Mice were captured by the Plutarkians. The Command Center -- now in charge of the Freedom Fighters -- decided Stoker was too old to continue fighting. In an attempt to prove them wrong, he led Rimfire and a group of trainees into battle with some Sand Raiders and was captured. He was taken to a Plutarkian prison on Mars Moon 2 (probably Phobos since it is larger) and remained there for years, until Rimfire busted him out.

The two of them crash-landed on Earth, in the Quigley Field scoreboard of course. But in the ensuing fight with Lawrence Lactavius Limburger, it was made painfully clear to Stoker that he didn't have the reflexes and skills to be a kick-ass fighter anymore. Charley Davidson however pointed out that there was plenty he could contribute with his brains and experience. He and Rimfire returned to Mars to continue the fight there (see third season episode "Caveat Mentor").

<HTML>My Developments:</HTML> Carbine was none too thrilled to have Stoker back and commenting on her every decision. But she gave him a training position and made him the liaison between the Freedom Fighters and a human mercenary named Tala who wanted to help them. But his interference in her private life was the final straw. When he dared to pick a fight right after her wedding over how she had decided to break the news to Throttle, she retired him on the spot.

Stoker doesn't know quite what to do with himself now. Everything that he has kept himself going for has been taken away from him. Tala offered him a job or a partnership or something, but he didn't feel desperate enough to take her up on it (read <HTML><A href="">Biker Mice From Mars: Shatter Your Illusions</A></HTML>).

//Austin Powers: Spy Who Shagged Me// reference when Stoker meets Sparks in "the Race." Stoker: "Karbunkle cloned Modo! One-eighth his size!"

Stoker's theme song: "Breaking the Habit" by Linkin Park