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Corporal Ryan Carroll portrayed by Christopher Gorham
Corporal Ryan Carroll is an original character for Nonestic Tales: Pirates of the Nonestic portrayed by Christopher Gorham. His name is a shout-out to the parents of my friend Suzanne LeBlanc.

Ryan Carroll was too young to join the Resistance, but once the Royal Army was reestablished, there was nothing his mother could say to convince him to stay home. After basic training, Ryan was stationed at Scrowtown Base and one of his commanding officers was Wyatt Cain! The Wyatt Cain, former Tin Man, one of the Saviors of the O.Z., the surly commander who seemed intent on keeping Carroll on clean up duty for the rest of his military career. Carroll could have avoided Commander Cain like the other soldiers and not end up on chore shift more than his fair share, but he had to know what really happened on their adventure before the Eclipse, what the battle had been like, what were the other Saviors like, what was Central City like before the Sorceress took over. For the few times he got answers, mucking the stalls was worth it.