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First Appearance: Second season episodes "Back to Mars Part One, Two, and Three"

Rimfire is the son of Modo's sister. Primer is his twin sister. He is approximately twenty-two years old at the start of Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Shatter Your Illusions. He is usually calm, unless someone hurts the people he cares about. And if you are one of the people he cares about, he will go to any lengths to help you. He practices a type of Martian martial arts, along with usual biker stunts of the Freedom Fighters.

He adores his older uncle and couldn't wait to be a Freedom Fighter just like Modo. He got a chance to prove his stuff during the Battle for the Tug Transformer (see third season episode "Once Upon a Time on Mars: Parts One - Three") and when Stoker was captured by Sand Raiders (see third season episode "Caveat Mentor"). He finally enlisted under Carbine's command.

He has made a couple of trips to Earth since learning the Biker Mice were alive and well there. Unfortunately, Rimfire is hardly the best pilot on Mars, crashing both spaceships he has flown from the red planet into the Quigley Field scoreboard (see second season episode "Stalkers" and the third season episode "Caveat Mentor").

My Fanon:

Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare series:

Rimfire managed to avoid getting hit with any flack from Stoker and Carbine's fight, and warns--in a roundabout way--Vinnie and Modo from getting involved. He did tell Charley Davidson what had happened, disobeying Stoker but trusting the human woman not to tell on him. He lives with his grandmother Bola (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Shatter Your Illusions).