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Nonestica Solar System Details

Star Details

Star 1: Primary
Star Mass (sols): 1.1
Star Luminosity (sols): 1.2
Average Radius (sols): 1.1

Star 2: Secondary
Star Mass (sols): 0.8
Star Luminosity (sols): 0.8
Average Radius (sols): 0.8

Primary star and Secondary star are 2 AUs apart with two separate orbits around a common barycenter. Orbital period is 49932.45 seconds.

Stellar Habitable Zone:
Inner Limit: 173484406 km or 1.15965512 AUs
Ideal Distance: 211566348 km or 1.41421356 AUs
Outer Limit: 253879618 km or 1.69705627 AUs

Planetary Bodies

Planet 1: Nonestica

Orbit Data:
Periapsis Distance: 211534400 km or 1.414 AUs
Apoapsis Distance: 211534400 km or 1.414 AUs
Orbital Period: 445.54 days
Orbit Eccentrecity: 0
Insolation (W/m^2): 1400.42292
Planet Information:
Planet Mass (Earths): 1.054038
Diameter (km): 13547.17
Surface Gravity (ms^-2): 9.15979437
Planet Density (kgm^-3): 4838.63118
Surface Area (km^2): 576563351
Rotation Period (seconds): 86164.2 = 23.9345 Hours
Albedo: 0.3237
Axial Tilt (degrees): 23
Length of seasons: 111.25 days

Moon 1:

Orbit Radius (km): 384403
Orbital Period (seconds): 2309928.69 = 26.735 days
Diameter (km): 2882
Rotation Period (seconds):

Moon 2:

Orbit Radius (km): 412913
Orbital Period (seconds): 2571616.80 = 29.764 days
Diameter (km): 6502.65
Rotation Period (seconds):

Moon 3:

Orbit Radius (km): 550557
Orbital Period (seconds): 3934656 = 45.54 days
Diameter (km): 3476.28
Rotation Period (seconds):

Local Calendar Details:

The largest moon's orbit around the planet is the basis of a cycle, which equals 30 days. The annual however is 445 days long, which divides into 14 cycles of 30 days and 1 cycle of 25 days.

What about ages? I really don't see the need in keeping Earth and the O.Z. in some calendar lock step. DG spent fifteen years on Earth and returns to the O.Z. fifteen annuals after she left it. Slippers who were born under a twelve-month calendar can still celebrate birthdays on a fifteen-cycle one, even though thinking about the extra months will probably generate headaches. It has been 118 years on Earth since Dorothy Gale disappeared and it has been 118 annuals since she appeared in the O.Z.

Does there need to be a month to cycle correlation between the two solar systems? Not for my writing needs.