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Miriam Jason is an original character inspired by an unidentified extra in the Resistance camp in the Tin Man miniseries. When the character's role expanded in the stories, I fan-casted Emily Ann Lloyd to portray her.

Miriam Jason was orphaned at four-annuals-old in one of the first attacks the Papay made against travelers through their fields. She was moved from Fanarra to the village her great-aunt lived in south of the Crack. Her great-aunt was the area's local healer and drafted Miriam as her assistant, hoping that her great-niece could attend school and become a proper alchemist. Then Azkadellia led a coup against her mother and won, crowning herself Sorceress. Her Longcoats ran roughshod over the populace, the famine grew worse, and a few people rebelled in the name of Queen Galinda. Miriam's great-aunt helped the Resistance as much as she could, but shelved her ideas of sending Miriam to school. It just wasn't safe.

When Miriam was fourteen-annuals-old, she met Adora and Jeb Cain--new members of Zeke's resistance camp from Central City. She and Jeb were the same age, and Mrs. Cain and Miriam's great-aunt encouraged them to socialize. Jeb was polite and even escorted her to a few barn dances held when people wanted a taste of normal life, but made it clear that he wasn't looking for romance. He would be fighting in the Resistance as soon as people decided he was old enough, and he saw what that had done to his parents. Miriam didn't push, since it was nice to have one guy around who didn't think a date meant sex and that meant marriage.

It took three annuals, but Mrs. Cain eventually got tired of living in a tent in the camp. Jeb and Zeke helped set her up in a cabin that could be used as a recuperation house for wounded fighters. Miriam knew roughly where it was, because she traveled over the area treating illnesses, but never got a chance to see the cabin under the white elm before tragedy struck.

Two cycles after Mrs. Cain had moved, Miriam crossed paths with a unit of Longcoats led by Zero carrying two iron suits. The Sorceress only used iron suits on former Tin Men, and Miriam headed to all the newcomers in the area, trying to find the targets and warn them. With no luck after a few days, she headed to the resistance camp to tell Jeb the Longcoat he hated most was in the area. Jeb was furious and acted like he knew exactly what Zero was doing with iron suits when he stormed off after him. She, Zeke, and Todd chased after Jeb to make sure he didn't get himself killed. They found an iron suit set up next to the cabin under the white elm, occupied by Adora Cain. Her time inside it had driven her mad, and she shot Zeke and killed herself believing they were Longcoats going to torture her more.

Miriam couldn't help but feel that Adora Cain's death was partly her fault, even if Jeb never let her take blame. She joined the resistance camp as their healer when Jeb took over leading from Zeke. They needed a healer, but Miriam's primary motivation was to make sure Jeb didn't go suicidal after losing both his parents (read Nonestic Tales: What Memories Can Bring. After the Battle of the Eclipse, she and many of their group of resistance fighters enlisted in the new Royal Army of the O.Z. Miriam finally finished schooling and became a field alchemist. Jeb kept her with his unit of men, because she "would just transfer until she got back in my unit anyway, so let's save the paperwork."