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"Manuelo in the Pits"

First Appearance: First season episode "The Pits"

The Pit Crew robbed the store Manuelo worked in and dragged him back to the Pits and he ended up a slave to the Pit Boss. Three years later, Throttle and Modo were captured by the Pit Boss. Manuelo was caught up in their rebelling against the mining work and was sentenced to die in the gladiator arena with them. They defeated the robots meant to kill them before Vinnie rescued them. They turned themselves into Limburger for the bounty he put on their heads and escaped with the money, which they then gave to Manuelo.

My Fanon:

Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare series:

Manuelo used the reward money to open a gas station in the same neighborhood as the Last Chance Garage. He also reunited with his wife Serafina, his son Felipe, his sister Nina, and his nieces Manuela and Isabel, and introduced his family to the Biker Mice.

Some of the Pit Crew tried to rob his store, but a customer distracted one while Manuelo stopped the other. Serafina and Nina were both concerned, and Manuelo promised to hire more help. Unfortunately, Val Tech interrupted their family time with an attack on their apartment complex, kidnapping his family and leaving Manuelo as dead. He came to in time to ride along the outside of the vans that went straight to Limburger Tower. A group of Mutates found him after he lost consciousness a second time and brought him to Pete Dextrin. The next morning, he stumbled from Pete's Chi-Town Tavern to the Last Chance Garage to tell the Biker Mice what happened. He ended up rescuing his family with Charley and Tala in the multi-prong attack on Limburger Tower (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Family, Friends, and Foes).