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First Appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Destiny

Lyle is the only son of Lady Lissa and Lord Josh Kemper and is part of Hyrule's royal family, though not in line for the throne. He is a Guardian like his mother, but hasn't came fully into his responsibilities yet. His Gensiarian powers developed earlier than Lissa remembered her own developing. Where she had the ability to talk to animals, Lyle had difficulty perceiving the present and often commented on future events. The North Palace staff eventually nicknamed him Prophecy Boy.

In Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas, a twelve-year-old Lyle jump-started a rebellion when he shape shifted into a dragon, accidentally traveled to the O.Z., and was captured by an ambitious local lord. Lissa sent Zack Baker to rescue him since she was forbidden to travel to a universe with a Guardian already in it.