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Kaliko portrayed by Clive Owen
Kaliko is a character created by L. Frank Baum. His Tin Man version is portrayed by Clive Owen in Nonestic Tales: Pirates of the Nonestic.

Kaliko the Painite had been named Troop Commander over the gnome soldiers before the Great Upheaval. His duties protecting all citizens in the Dominions of the Nome King allowed him to spend more time Topside than King Roquat ever had. Kaliko also made a point of trying to understand how Topsiders thought to better understand the enemy he would battle against. The first attack against the Outer Zone was justified because those Topsiders had disturbed the natural balance first. But Queen Ozma and Princess Dorothy Gale of the Silver Shoes had ended the civil war in their realm that had caused the Topsiders to build more weapons.

Taking Ev's royal family was a mistake, even if King Evoldo had dared Roquat to do it, and Kaliko warned the Nome King that the other realms would respond. He wasn't surprised that it was Queen Ozma and Princess Dorothy again. Nor was he surprised when Roquat tried to retaliate from the humiliation and was beaten a third time.

After the Great Upheaval, Kaliko used his position as Troop Commander to keep Topsiders away from the mad Nome King. All that didn't heed his warnings ended up part of Roquat's collection. He never had a chance to warn the last group. They had their ship fire upon the opposite side of the mountain for the cave entrance, and Kaliko was supervising the repairs and if retaliation was needed when the party of Topsiders blew their way into Roquat's collection room. A few Topsiders inside and the ones on the ship escaped alive, but Kaliko was able to talk Roquat out of following them to add more Topsiders to his collection.