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First Appearance: Third season episode "Virtual Unreality"

"Asphalt" Jack MacCyber and Charley Davidson went to high school together and dated. He went to college, majoring in computer technology and programming. He and Charley were engaged but broke it off and remained good friends afterwards. He came back to Chicago to show off his latest invention, a state-of-the-art virtual reality helmet, which of course Limburger tried to steal. His second visit didn't go much better. He brought a new battle bike and a fiancée Angel Revson. The battle bike ended up with Limburger, Napoleon Brie, and a third Plutarkian all trying to gain control of it.

My Fanon:

Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare series:

In this series, Jack is still an ally to the Biker Mice and just visited Chicago and met Sparks and Tala at Christmas 1995. Charley was not her usual self during the visit, prompting Throttle to apologize for it. MacCyber told him they broke up after the death of her father (mentioned in Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Turbo).

What Jack didn't mention was how he prioritized his university course work rather than come to the funeral, and that's what prompted Charley to end their engagement. She forgave him after the police tried to blame him for the horrible letters she got the next year.

Evil Jack series:

FoxFire wanted a story in which Jack MacCyber went crazy evil because she absolutely, positively hates the character. In it, he tried to reunite romantically with Charley and she turned him down. He proceeded to blame the Biker Mice for her decision, and gave Limburger and Dr. Karbunkle an interesting proposal: erase Charley's memories of the last four years and grow them a four-year-old child and he would insure that Charley could no longer help the Biker Mice.

Charley beat the amnesia, went back to the Biker Mice, and saved Hannah with Throttle's help (read Evil Jack: Domestic Bliss). The brat later thwarted Jack's attempt to get revenge on Charley by torturing Throttle while Charley watched (read Evil Jack: For Worse).