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First Appearance: Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Reunions

Also known as Roddie

Hot Rod is the daughter of Cutlass and Vev. She inherited her shapeshifter mother's Martian mouse form--black fur and bright blue sclera without an iris in her eyes--without the ability to change it. She is five feet three inches tall. She was born soon after her cousin Throttle came to live with them after the death of his parents. She and Throttle were raised like brother and sister, and there were lots of time he and his friends, Modo and Vinnie, couldn't get out of babysitting. Through their fathers, Throttle and Roddie inherited strong telepathic abilities, but only with blood relatives. With everyone else, they had to use their antennae.

Roddie's crush on Vinnie developed when she was ten-years-old and Vinnie was twelve and the older mouse fought Turbo to save her life (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Turbo). But Vinnie never realized it since all she would do was tease him.

Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo joined the Freedom Fighters when Throttle was seventeen. Roddie had every intention of joining with them, but Throttle tattled to her parents. Vev pitched a fit, and Cutlass used his connections in the government to get two slots onboard the refugee ship, the Olympian Fury. Throttle refused to go, having made a commitment to the Freedom Fighters. So Roddie turned to Modo's girlfriend Stella. The two had recently broken up, and Roddie figured absence would make Modo's heart grow fonder. Stella agreed and they both boarded the Fury.

The Plutarkians weren't about to let such easy targets get away. As soon as the Fury reached space, they attacked. They crippled the ship and boarded. Big mistake, the mice were willing to fight back. Roddie found herself leading a group of them. The mice routed the Plutarkians off the Fury, destroyed the Stench Carrier, and hid in the asteroid belt.

The Captain was impressed by the skills Roddie had shown and made her his new second-in-command. The former one had died during the fight. Roddie's first task was to figure out a semi-permanent solution for the refugees, since finding a planet suitable for settling was out of the equation. She drew on her Earth anime knowledge and put them to work building a city inside the mining ship's main hold. She also helped the Captain revamp the ship's mission. Instead of just protecting the refugees, the Fury would also find ways to rescue prisoners and slaves from the Plutarkians. It was through this that the Rock Squad was invented, and Roddie met her future husband Lance.

About seven months into the voyage, Stella gave birth to the first baby born onboard, her and Modo's son, Sparks. Roddie became aunt by default. Besides, she had been the one to introduce Stella and Modo. Then she was the one to take guardianship of the three-year-old Sparks when his father was announced killed in a ship crash and Stella succumbed to her cancer.

Future Notes:

"We're All Made of Stars" by Moby is a song Roddie falls in love with when in New York City after the Plutarkian Invasion is thwarted.