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First Appearance: Third season episode "Diet of Worms"

Gerald Gruyere is another Plutarkian stationed on Earth in New Orleans. He arrived to the Planetary Poo-Bah-ship of Earth meeting in Chicago in an exclusive train and speaks in a thick Hollywood Cajun accent.

My Fanon:

He has been on Earth far longer than any of the other Plutarkian overlords, having settled into his businessman role in New Orleans in 1973. He brought a pair of Martian Mice slaves with him who gave birth to a daughter in New Orleans. They used it as justification to escape and forced his goons to kill them rather than return quietly. Unfortunately, they entrusted the child to a human male, Mathieu Bellmonte who has protected her and thwarted every ambitious scheme Gruyere has attempted since then (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Laissez Bon Temps Rouler).