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First Appearance: First season episode "Rock & Ride"

Greasepit is the head of Lawrence Lactavius Limburger's goon army. He is big, stupid, and drips oil -- black oil apparently created by his body. He is also loyal to Limburger with no treacherous schemes for personal power. He would just like to get paid once and while. The Biker Mice first ran into him when he was threatening Charley Davidson to make her sell the Last Chance Garage. They beat him easily and have continued to beat him every time Limburger sends him after them.

My Fanon:

Can you develop this character? Yeah, you probably can but I'm not going to. Greasepit's role will remain the same. But I do feel sorry for the big lug. He ought to look for different employment.

Greasepit kidnapped Charley so Limburger could use her as bait to trap the Biker Mice. The Biker Mice also beat him up good for it when they got back (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Reunions).

Limburger sent him to watch BatWing attack the Biker Mice and Greasepit actually brought back useful intel about Allie Baker's connections to the Biker Mice and Val Tech (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Family Friends, and Foes