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Glitch fulfills the role of the Scarecrow in Tin Man. He had half of his brain removed--and the zipper in his skull opens to prove it--because he had refused to give Azkadellia the information she wanted. He remembers being the former Queen’s “right hand man” but no one believes him since headcasing is the punishment for dangerous criminals. He meets DG after the Munchkins lock them together in the same cage and promises to help her find the Brick Route towards Central City, where the Munchkins said her parents are going, if she helps him out of the cage. Unfortunately after they escape, Glitch leads them around in a big circle in the woods for hours. But this led him and DG to rescue Wyatt Cain and Raw.

As they continued on the quest, they discover that Glitch was the Royal Advisor Ambrose, who invented a machine named the sunseeder to extend the growing season to end the famine. The Sorceress took the plans when she took his brain and changed the sunseeder to freeze the eclipse and bring eternal darkness to the O.Z..

Glitch, Cain, and Raw found Glitch's brains running the sunseeder like a computer. After a fight with Raynz, they shut down the sunseeder and ended up melting the Wicked Witch while DG and Azkadellia were in a showdown with her.

Glitch/Ambrose is portrayed by Alan Cumming.

My Fanon:

Ambrose was the first to believe that something was wrong with Azkadellia and was off investigating the cave at Finaqua when DG died at the Northern Palace.

KLCtheBookWorm: And since the plan is so damn vague, I say that's all panicked parents plotting (and the Mystic Man shook his head a lot when he got the full story later). Ambrose wasn't there to give his input because he went back to Finaqua to find the cave that DG keeps talking about. Glitch seems to be having another "this is so familiar" moment with Tutor at the cave entrance at the beginning of Part Three.

theredoormouse: Ambrose was like "okay I don't get what the tiny human is talking about but it has shaken her clearly and needs to be looked into" you know it. Toto is probably so quiet about it because he was one of the ones who went "God she's just looking for attention! You are spoiling her oh nameless queen!" and maybe even yelled at her for making up stories.

Galinda and Ahamo scrambled to come up with a way to save DG without Ambrose's advice, and ended up telling the Mystic Man. And after the plan was in motion, they didn't dare tell him because of how close he and Az had been.

Possessed!Az targeted Ahamo for a couple of deadly accidents that he narrowly avoided. She was trying to kill him off to prevent the birth of another magic user who could stop her. Once they realized what was going on, Ahamo left for the Realm of the Unwanted taking the compass and enough petty cash to make the thief story good enough to fool Ambrose.

While waiting for things to upload, my muse solved the pesky how did Cain and Glitch get to the Tower so fast plot-hole from the miniseries. And when it popped into my head, I had to wonder why everyone is so bent out of shape about it.

Glitch found Cain and brought him back to DeMilo's wagon and got him warm so the Tin Man didn't die of hypothermia. (That splash you heard is all the slash fans hitting the gutter.) He left and got firewood, because we pick up with them when he is bringing it back and Cain points the gun in his face.

So my solution, once Glitch was sure Cain was not going to die, he went out to look for Raw. But he found his lab and the garage in the Palace instead. He gathers up the tools and replacement parts to fix the broken axle, bringing them back to DeMilo's wagon. Then forgot that he had when he saw they needed firewood and trotted off after some.

I see Cain coming out of the wagon, stoically despairing at reaching DG before something bad happens to her, and stunned to find the pile of tools next to the wagon. "Where'd this come from?"/p> <p>Glitch: "You expect me to remember what you can't. Oh hey, where did the tools come from?"

They repaired the wagon and hauled ass until they had to ditch it to sneak closer to the Tower. Ta-da! Not complicated at all. Wish the miniseries writers had actually put that in there, but then we probably would have lost Glitch-fu then. I wrote this idea out for one of the Tin Man Challenge's in Tin Man: Where Did That Come From? and won third place.

Borrowed from kseda

Everyone panicked when Az killed DG and used all ideas, which is why the plan makes no sense. My caveat: Ambrose wasn't there to plan because it would have made more sense.

My answers to Catyuy's Questions

Borrowed from jezebel_faust

"Can Glitch's brain be put back in?"

Yes, but it ain't easy. Hemisperectomy is a punishment of the last resort for irredeemable and dangerous criminals; it's not meant to be reversed. Plus, in Glitch's case, they have some extra brain to contend with, since Az's technologists used cloning techniques to create a full brain to run the machine. The operation will require a combination of surgery, alchemy, magic, and psychic Viewer mojo. Luckily they have all those things. (I love her technical name for headcasing.)

Can Glitch's brain be put back in?
I've gone with yes, but some complications. He still has misfires and they can't take the zipper out. Which is okay, because he uses people's bigotry over headcases as a way to spy and for them not to know it. This technique has a limited lifespan because his mouth has a tendency to get away with him when his pride is hurt or someone has insulted those he holds dear.
How old is Ambrose?
He's a year older than Azkadellia.
Is Ambrose related to the royal family in some way?
No, but he is considered family.
Was Ambrose born into high Society? Or did his intelligence get him there?
Ambrose was born in the noble classes, but his parents died shortly after DG was born, making him a ward of the Queen. After he moved in, they discovered and encouraged his prodigy abilities. He is from the O.Z., and I think his explanation of muglug was remembering that DG wasn't from the O.Z. He has an estate out somewhere in the Eastern Territories, but lets the people who have been taking care of it all these annuals continue to do so.
Ambrose was an Advisor……of what?
Science and Practical Application of Concepts Theoretical. Though after DG's death and Ahamo's desertion, he got pulled into having a greater presence in politics trying to ease the burden on the Queen and Azkadellia. He doesn't become the Queen's right-hand man until Azkadellia starts the coup.
What is your personal fanon for him, that is not covered by these questions?
Ambrose and Az were childhood sweethearts. And Az fought the witch to keep him alive.
He got suspicious enough over Azkadellia's personality shift to be the first one to listen to DG and try to understand what she was saying, rather than get annoyed like Tutor or treat it like a case of night terrors like her parents. He went back to Finaqua on a pretense (just in case Tutor was right), and was exploring the cave when the witch killed DG.
He actually can't read Ancient, but he knows where to find all the books on it. It took him months/cycles in between everything else to work out what the symbols in the cave said. It wasn't that important after DG died and the population was in danger of starving to death.
He was devastated when he found out how much the Royal couple didn't trust him, especially since he was the one who figured out Az was possessed. He stays in court--despite not trusting his monarch--to prevent any further stupidity, and to help Az rediscover who she is.
Bonus Question: Do you ship Cain/Glimbrose, Queen/Ambrose, DG/Glimbrose, Azkadellia/Ambrose(Glitch) or Ambrose/Queen/Ahamo? Why? And are you open to the other ships?
Az and Glitch. I'm open to reading any ship as long as it is well-written, but I can only write Cain/DG and Az/Glitch. I'm contemplating a threesome because I think Can/Glitch/DG make a stable team with Raw available for marriage counseling. But so far that's just something the muse is toying with, rather than pasting a must-write-this spell on it and lobbing it at me.