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The imprisoned Queen of the O.Z., DG and Azkadellia's mother and married to Ahamo. She gave up her magic to give DG second life, then sent her to the Other Side to grow up in safety so she could stop Azkadellia when she was older. The Sorceress kept her trapped on an island inside a globe, and would visit her to get information out of her and gloat. She was released and reunited with Ahamo, so they could both see the Sorceress bring permanent darkness to the O.Z.

My Fanon:

The Queen is never named in the miniseries. Since the character reenacts Glinda's role from the Wizard of Oz movie in setting the quest in motion, I borrowed Geoffrey Maguire's first name for Glinda in his novel Wicked, the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West "Galinda." Her bio acknowledges "Glinda" is her namesake.

Catyuy's Questions:

What happened to the Queen's parents? At what age did she become Queen?
Hadn't given much thought about it, but DG's death was her first crisis as Queen and it didn't get any better from there.
Do they have any other family left in the O.Z, Earth or other kingdoms/realms/worlds? (like Ahamo's parents, siblings, cousins)
Galinda was an only child, as was her mother, but there are lineage ties between other noble houses in and outside the O.Z.
Was the Queen born with Lavender eyes? Or did she gain them upon becoming Queen? If yes, are they hereditary(sp?)? Do they come from something mystic? If no, are they are an expression of her powers/abilities?
Lavender eyes are a hereditary trait in the Royal Family from Ozma the Great's side. In my fanon, Ozma's daughter married the first Dorothy Gale's son and that started the rule of the House of Gale. Brown eyes are in the genetic mix too, and Az got them instead of blue or lavender.