Fred the Mutant

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"Fred the Mutant"

First Appearance: First season episode "Rock & Ride"

Fred the Mutant was created by Dr. Karbunkle and is a masochist. Nothing makes him happier than helping the mad scientist test the lethal consequences of the various inventions or plans to stop the Biker Mice. Limburger has also used him as a chauffeur, which has led to more limousine heading into the explosion rather than fleeing from it. He is three and a half feet tall, humanoid mostly. The top of his bald head is held on with staples; he has three pink eyes; his left arm was replaced with a tentacle with visible sutures; one foot is webbed like a duck's, the other one is a furry paw, and he has a tail. The jumpsuit covers the attachment points of his feet and tail, but it's likely that they are still sewed-on as well.