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First Appearance: Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Reunions

Colonel Exhaust was the mouse in charge of Internal Security on board the Olympian Fury. He was promoted to the position when the former Internal Security commander died under suspicious circumstances soon after Hot Rod became Captain. He had always maintained that if Mars hadn't allowed aliens onto the planet the Plutarkians would not have been able to buy it up. Since the Olympian Fury is the last remnant of Martian culture, it is up to himself to prevent the aliens from completely destroying it. Unfortunately, the Fury has an alien friendly policy and the Captain's alien blood made her sympathetic to the alien cause. So the Colonel constantly found his plans to protect the ship thwarted by her.

He worked on convincing more citizens that they must take a stand against all non-mice, recruiting more people into Internal Security that believed the same, and encouraging aliens to go back to their own kind. But Captain Hot Rod continued to make alliances with aliens: the miner Ivero and the mercenary Tala being the two most dangerous. It became apparent that the only way to protect the Fury was to remove her from the position of Captain. He put Ruger on the bridge crew to await the perfect opportunity to eliminate Hot Rod and those loyal to her.

Hot Rod made the first move. The Rock Squad attacked a Plutarkian ship and captured a transport booth. She immediately took control of it and placed it on the bridge. She then used it to bring her cousin Throttle, his companions, and the alien he was romantically involved with--a human woman.

In order to prevent Hot Rod's destruction of the Fury, Exhaust started his campaign to take control. Ruger attacked the bridge crew and took Hot Rod prisoner. Internal Security officers captured her cousin and his woman. The others involved with Hot Rod's plans escaped. Officers sealed off the Rock Squad's hanger bay and kept them from returning from their military exercises. Exhaust ordered the prisoners' deaths, starting with the human woman Charley. Throttle escaped while they had her on the jolt bed. He freed her and proceeded to fight with Colonel Exhaust, killing him in the process (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Reunions).