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This Earth is the prime Earth for the Zackverse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Biker Mice From Mars. Alice Hamilton's Earth doesn't have mutants, aliens, or superheroes, but Bruce Wayne's Earth does without mutant turtles and Martian Mice. The Gargoyles have three different sentient species on their Earth as well as mutants and aliens.

Inhabitants of the Outer Zone call Earth "the Other Side."

Realms on Earth:

Timeline for Earth (and some Mars) Events

Earth Year Event
1946 Hamato Yoshi, Tang Shen, and Splinter leave Japan. Ourko Saki follows.
1947 July 2 - Plutarkian ship crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. A female mouse and a male human help them complete their mission to scout out suitable planets for conquest.
1950 James Baker is born on Earth to Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen.
Amanda Keene Baker is born on Earth.
1954 William and Sara Baker adopt James.
1957 Ourko Saki kills Yoshi and Shen, and returns to Japan. Splinter moves into the sewers.
Peter Caine is born on Earth.
1964 Turbo is born on Mars.
1966 Joseph "Joe" Doonigan is born on Earth.
1967 Modo is born on Mars.
1969 Tamara marries Blade on Mars.
1970 Throttle is born on Mars.
Carbine is born on Mars.
Stella is born on Mars.
James Baker and Amanda Keene marry on Earth.
1971 Charley Davidson is born on Earth.
Nova is born on Mars.
William "Billy" Keene Baker is born on Earth.
Six months after Charley's birth, her mother leaves Charles "Chuck" Davidson.
1972 Vinnie is born on Mars.
Tala is born on Earth.
1973 Plutarkians make their way to Mars and Earth.
Rimfire and Primer are born on Mars.
Gruyere lands in New Orleans with a few slaves.
Bayonet is born to a pair of mice.
Three months after Bayonet's birth, her parents are killed trying to escape with her. Mathieu Bellmonte adopts Bayonet.
1974 Turbo helps kill Tamara and Blade in Eroite.
Throttle is taken in by his father's twin brother, Cutlass, and his wife, Vev.
Hot Rod is born on Mars.
1975 TGRI accident that created the TMNT Overview
Kwai Chang Caine's temple is destroyed and his is separated from Peter.
1976 March 23 - Diane Arkson is born on Earth
August 4 - Allison Lee Baker is born on Earth.
1981 October 16 - Zackery James Baker is born on Earth.
Modo is able to drive legally.
1982 February - James and Amanda Keene die in a car accident. Billy Baker was taken in by his maternal grandmother, and Allie and Zack were put in the foster care system.
Nova's parents die and her uncle sells her off planet as a slave.
1983 Plutarkians start buying up land on Mars.
Tala, Joe, and four other orphans are taken from Cook County Orphanage by aliens to be trained as Earth's protectors against the Plutarkians. These aliens genetically manipulate the humans to improve their skills.
1984 Throttle is able to drive legally.
Turbo kidnaps Roddie and Vinnie and beats Vinnie up before Throttle and Modo rescue them. This event cements their friendship into bros and solidifies Roddie's crush on Vinnie.
1985 Slavers attack the Protector-Makers' ship. Joe won't let Tala fight because she's too young, even though that's her skill set. Everyone is killed but Tala and Joe. Tala doesn't know that Joe survived and gives herself selective amnesia from the trauma and the survivor's guilt.
1986 Vinnie's able to drive legally.
Modo and Stella start dating.
Plutarkian operations start hurting Martians. The government declares war but gives the Martian Army orders that don't hinder the Plutarkians.
Tala is sold to Rexus.
The last time Diana sees Allie and Zack.
Stoker forms the Freedom Fighters.
1987 Charley's able to drive legally.
Modo and Stella have a bad fight and break up. She doesn't tell him that she's pregnant.
Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie join the Freedom Fighters.
Roddie is sent off planet on the Olympian Fury and she takes Stella with her.
Olympian Fury is attacked by Plutarkians and reported being destroyed. It survived but with heavy losses. The Captain makes Roddie his second-in-command.
Sparks is born on the Olympian Fury, the first child born on the ship.
Tabitha Val takes over Val Tech.
1989 The Battle of the Tug Transformer (the flashback events in Biker Mice From Mars: Once Upon a Time on Mars.
Charley and Jack MacCyber get engaged.
Tala escapes from Rexus, liberating Hot Stuff and More Hot Stuff.
Diana is the first successful Mutate by Val Tech.
The Great Escape of the Mutates.
1990 Second Battle for the Canals.
Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie are captured after the Second Battle for the Canals and sent to Plutark for execution with their bikes. Three days into the flight, they crash the prison ship onto a planet and kill their captors. They rescue Moonbeam and she buys them the clothes they have now. They team up with her to learn how the galaxy works and to find a way back to Mars. Plutarkians send out word that everyone died in the crash.
Olympian Fury hears about the Biker Mice's reported deaths. Stella succumbs to her illness and dies. Roddie takes in Sparks.
Tala starts rescuing slaves. She rescues P'qoth Ntah of the Mslaku of the planet Airet. She takes a shot meant for him, and Ntah dies to save her. She is adopted by Mslaku as N'qoth Talantah. Dreams and Martian mice led Tala to Earth and she sets up her "Olivia Twist" identity.
Vinnie and Nova meet with disastrous results.
Allie Baker runs away from New York with Skulls and the Black Bones.
Ourko Saki brings the Foot Clan ninjas loyal to him to New York. He adopts the name "the Shredder" and meets the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles first movie).
Three weeks later - the Shredder returns (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret of the Ooze second movie).
The civilian government on Mars falls apart as the traitors within it leave planet. What is left of the Martian Army and Freedom Fighters officially join forces to protect what is left of Mars and try to rebuild it.
Stoker is captured by Sand Raiders.
Kwai Chang Caine and Peter are reunited (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues: Initiation first episode and for my fanfics the start date has moved to 1990 from 1993).
1991 Lawrence Lactavius Limburger is sent to Earth.
Mona Lisa is mutated.
Allie Baker is tagged in a raid at a San Diego Val Tech lab. She leaves the Black Bones to keep them safe.
June - Detectives Peter Caine and Kermit Griffin return Allie to New York from San Francisco.
September - the Turtles time travel back to ancient Japan (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III third movie).
November - Chuck Davidson is murder at a charity biking event during Thanksgiving.
Charley and Jack break up.
1992 Moonbeam wins a Cyclodrone Thunderpipe and sends the Biker Mice back to Mars. She finds Harley and realizes who she is after the Biker Mice have left. She saves her from Mace and hides her most traumatic memories from her.
Tala does a job for the Gene Splicers. They cannot reverse her barrenness, but they increase her strength, flexibility, healing speed, and give her an alcohol immunity.
June - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Bloodlines.
1993 Biker Mice From Mars: Rock & Ride
March - Zack leaves for To Be a Hero trilogy. He returns three hours later.
Caine starts his walkabout to help Mutates.
December - Legends of Hyrule: Trials of War
1994 Roddie become Captain of the Olympian Fury.
Tala and the Fury's troops hit the same slave ship at the same time, so she ends up working with them.
Biker Mice From Mars: Caveat Mentor
Tala makes her first stop to Mars and Stoker is assigned to liaison.
October - Gargoyles: Caught in a Tangled Web, Gargoyles: Wild as a Swallow’s Song
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Ronin starts.
1995 March - Biker Mice From Mars: Once Upon a Time on Mars present-day action.
May - Charley and Vinnie go out on disastrous date and decide to just be friends.
May - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Ronin ends.
June 9 - Biker Mice From Mars: Shatter Your Illusions
June 30 - Biker Mice From Mars: Put Me Back Together
July 7 - Biker Mice From Mars: Reunions
July 20 - Biker Mice From Mars/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Family, Friends, and Foes (Crossover novel)
November 19 - 23 - Biker Mice From Mars: Let Us Give Thanks
1996 Allie opens Samaritans Inc.
April - "Tin Man" miniseries - only counts for Zackverse Tin Man stories
May - Biker Mice From Mars: Turbo
August - Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas Zack is doing an extra semester during the summer because he was sick after fixing the mutation
Biker Mice From Mars: Sacrifice of Happiness Karbunkle takes Roxy's embryo and grows her in a test tube.
1997 BMFM: Hard Rock’s return
BMFM take a trip to New York
1998 Around Feb. 24th Mardi Gras - Biker Mice From Mars: Laissez Bon Temps Rouler
Throttle goes blind is fixed at Forsaken
Epic Tin Man: Dragons and Ninjas sequel
1999 Biker Mice From Mars: The Race
Biker Mice From Mars: Death of a Star
Flashback story explaining Moonbeam's connection to the BMFM
Biker Mice From Mars: Tala’s Freedom
Biker Mice From Mars: Time Manipulates Your Heart second story
Biker Mice From Mars: What Was Lost
October - Zack moves to Japan for further training. Lotus goes with him.
2000 Biker Mice From Mars: One and Only Promise I Can Keep
Biker Mice From Mars: New Hope Renaissance (Modo and Nova’s baby) is born
Biker Mice From Mars: Plutark’s Enemies Joe Doonigan returns to Earth and the League of Non-Existent Worlds attacks Earth.
Biker Mice From Mars: Invasion of Earth It’s all out war when the Plutarkians come in mass. Nothing will be hidden from the Terrans any more.
Treaties between Mars and Earth countries.
April O'Neil becomes the Martian Embassy’s press secretary.
Di becomes the first Secretary for Mutates Affairs.
Donatello joins prestigious medical center in New York.
Leonardo goes to Japan for a visit and becomes NYPD's liaison detective for Mutates.
Bayonet, Roxy, and Renaissance all get Social Security numbers and American citizenship in an official ceremony at the White House.
Bayonet and Rimfire get married at the St. Louis Cathedral.
2001 Biker Mice From Mars: Baddest Mamajammers of the Millennium
TMNT gang goes to Japan to see Zack win the fight. Mama Ourko decides to marry Allie to her youngest son is the only way to stop the fighting between the clans. Allie gets pregnant by him instead and tells her that Michaelangelo will be the only father the child knows.
Allie and Michaelangelo get married.