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First Appearance: Second season episodes "Back to Mars, Part One - Three"

Carbine is the General in charge of the Freedom Fighters of Mars, and consequently is the leader of the almost-extinct Martian Mice population on the planet as well. She has dedicated her life and Freedom Fighters to rebuilding Mars to the point where it was when the Plutarkians invaded. She and Throttle were lovers during the war while he was still on the planet (see third season episodes "Once Upon a Time on Mars, Part One - Three"). They reunited when the Biker Mice brought Lawrence Lactavius Limburger back to Mars for trial but to the Biker Mice's dismay, she arrested them as traitors.

The Biker Mice soon got the chance to prove their innocence and brought more water back to Mars. But Limburger escaped back to Earth, dragging the Biker Mice back with him, and she and Throttle were separated again (see second season episodes "Back to Mars, Part One - Three").

Carbine soon made a trip to Earth. She need to get a pink seed plant to fill an important niche in the Mars ecosystem. And Limburger had the last one in his possession. The Biker Mice helped her complete the mission. She returned to her job on Mars and left Throttle on Earth to complete his (see second season episode "Seeds of Victory").

My Fanon:

But the good times were bound to end. Carbine began a relationship with another Scabbard while she thought Throttle was dead. And evidently this relationship did not end after she found out Throttle was still alive. Eventually, it resulted in pregnancy. Carbine decided to marry the father and sent Throttle a letter telling him it was over (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Shatter Your Illusions). Part of her still loves Throttle, part of her loves her husband, but above all else her job comes first.