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First Appearance: Technically Modo's mother was shown in theOnce Upon a Time on Mars flashbacks, but it was so brief I consider my version of her an original character who shows up in Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Shatter Your Illusions

Bola is Modo's oft-referred-to "grey-furred mama." Rimfire is her grandson. She has survived the Plutarkian/Martian War through sheer will--though given everyone's reluctance to get on her bad side, her formidable temper probably helped too. Her tongue is sharp and her eyes are shrewd. She can usually see what you try to hide and then will berate you for trying to hide. Honesty and politeness come first for her.

Charley Davidson finally met her on the human woman's second trip to Mars. She and Bola agreed about many things, including that the way Carbine had treated Throttle wasn't fair (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Shatter Your Illusions).

And after she learned that Modo is a father, Charley can't help wondering how Modo is going to tell his mother that she is a grandmother again (read Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Reunions).

For Sparks' first Christmas on Earth, Tala arranged radio time between Bola and Rimfire and Modo and Sparks, so she has at least spoken to her youngest grandson since she hasn't seen him yet.

She also gives all the kids (no matter who their daddy was) pieces of Martian rock pendents so they will always remember Mars. (Detail revealed in first story of the Time Manipulates Your Heart trilogy.)