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The Show:

Biker Mice From Mars was a cartoon series that ran from 1993 to 1996. The title does a fair job of summing up the heroes. In this universe, Mars is not uninhabited. It is actually the home of three sentient species: Sand Raiders, Rats, and Mice (sometimes referred to as Cave Mice). Sand Raiders are hyena-like humanoids and nomadic slavers. Rats are humanoid too with longer snouts than Mice, solid red eyes with black pupils, and no antennae. They are also pretty hostile to the Mice. Mice are humanoid with snouts, large ears, buck teeth, antennae, and tails. They have also been watching and copying Earth culture for a long time.

Mars is an inhospitable planet, mainly due to the actions of another extraterrestrial species--the Plutarkians. Plutarkians (native to Plutark) are humanoid fish with severe body odor. They used up and wasted the natural resources of their native planet, so they go to other planets, buy them, and strip them. If the native species resists, the Plutarkians invade in mass.

This is what happened to Mars.

Plutarkian digging machine
Throttle and Carbine fighting on Mars
The Martian government sold out to the Plutarkians, but duped the populace into believing they were invading. The Martian Army was kept away with orders deliberately leading them from the action. The Sand Raiders eagerly joined the Plutarkians, as did some Rats. Some Mice decided that not enough was being done about the Plutarkians and joined the Freedom Fighters.

The heroes of the show—Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie--were in this last group. They fought astride weapon-laden motorcycles to protect innocent civilians. But the Plutarkians still got what they wanted from the planet, leaving Mars devastated and the Mice population nearly extinct.

The Biker Mice crashing on Earth
The show actually begins with our heroes crash-landing on Earth. They find themselves in Chicago and its crumbling disrepair reminds them of things they would rather forget. They rescue a human mechanic, Charley Davidson, and tell her their story (enough to get the show going; other stuff is revealed in flashbacks during the three seasons). Like most humans, Charley didn't know Mars was inhabited but she made a connection between what happened to their home planet and what was happening currently to Chicago. The Plutarkians had moved to Earth.

The Biker Mice's spaceship was beyond repair, so they remained in Chicago battling the local Plutarkians boss—Lawrence Limburger. They also met up with some other Plutarkians and humans on Earth, though the majority of humans remain clueless as to what is going on.

What You Need to Know to Enjoy My Stories:

I like to hope that my stories don't need a complex explanation to be read, comprehended, and enjoyed. But I also believe in hedging my bets. What I really want to encourage people to do is watch the episodes, but I realize that this is not possible for everyone. For a more complete run down of the show and elements contained within it--including some episode novelizations--I recommend Stoker 1439's site from Mars. And if you are interested, here's the list of all the episodes that I use as background for the canon characters. (Hint: it is a list of all the episodes produced and aired.) Like I said before, I hope my stories stand well on their own but this is the back history the characters are operating within.</p>

Canon Episode List
Biker Mice From Mars

First Season

  • Rock & Ride!
  • The Reeking Reign of Head Cheese: Parts One and Two
  • We Don't Need No Stinkin' City
  • A Mouse and His Motorcycle
  • Test of Friendship
  • The Masked Motorcyclist
  • The Pits
  • Road Ravens
  • A Scent, a Memory, a Far Distant Cheese
  • Steelfinger
  • Chill Zone
  • Hard Rock

Second Season

  • Steal of the Century
  • We're Going to Cheesyland
  • Stone Broke
  • The Motor City Maniac
  • Upwardly Mobile
  • Last Stand at the Last Chance
  • Back to Mars: Parts One, Two, and Three
  • The Tribunal
  • Motorcross Trap
  • Unforgiven Cheese
  • Bleu Cheese Bros
  • The Inquisition
  • Stalkers
  • I, Greasepit
  • Villain of the Year
  • Cheeseloggers
  • Hickory Dickory Doc
  • Die Fleidermice
  • Law of the Pits
  • Danger is Our Business
  • Mad Scientist Wanted
  • Lake Michi-gone
  • Seeds of Victory
  • Pwetty Wady
  • My Cheese is Quick
  • Verminator
  • Cheese Cadets
  • So Life Like
  • Garbage Wars
  • Vicious Cycles
  • Cycle Centaurs
  • Modo Hangs It Up
  • What Smells Worse Than a Plutarkian Lawyer?
  • Below the Horizon
  • Big Trouble
  • Academy of Hard Knocks
  • High Rollin' Rodents

Third Season

  • Biker Knights of the Round Table Parts One and Two
  • Virtual UnReality
  • Pitfall
  • Diet of Worms
  • Rocketh and Rideth
  • Too Many Limburgers Spoil the Cheese
  • Hit the Road, Jack
  • Caveat Mentor
  • Where No Mouse Has Gone Before
  • Once Upon a Time On Mars Parts One, Two, and Three

Canon Species:

Martian Mice
Martian Rats
Sand Raiders

Canon Characters:

Canon in this sense is not talking about the weapon. It means the stuff that the original author came up with. In this case, since we are talking about characters, it is all the characters that were shown in the three seasons of Biker Mice From Mars cartoon series that I have used in my fanfics.

High Chairman Lord Camembert
Charley Davidson
Chef Andy
Evil Eye Weevil
Fred the Mutant
Gutama Gouda
Gerald Gruyere
Jimmy Mac
Jack MacCyber
Dr. Karbunkle
Lawrence Lactavius Limburger
Limburger’s Goons
Napoleon Brie
Pit Boss
Pit Crew

Original Characters:

Characters that I created. These guys belong to me, and I would prefer it if you didn't use them in any of your stories. But if you want to draw them, please do so and send me a copy. I'm always looking for ways to show my characters since I can't draw. I could illustrate the stories; I could illustrate their entries. With permission and credit, of course.

Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare Series

Mrs. Biddle
Biker Gang
Bluto the Goon
Carbine's Husband
Charles "Chuck" Davidson
Colonel Exhaust's Aide
Colonel Exhaust
Ms. Felony
Dr. Fender
Captain Hot Rod
Internal Security Guards
Captain Lance
Maître'd at the Astro Café
Pete, owner of Chi-Town Tavern
School Principal
Teenager at Club
Waiter at the Astro Café
Zekpith's Gang Member 1
Zekpith's Gang Member 2

From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Allie Baker
Amanda Keene Baker
James Baker
Sammie Yutang
William "Billy" Baker
Zack Baker

From Mutates

Black Bones
Dana Arkson
Flight of Fancy
Gorilla, bouncer at the Snake Pit
Dr. Henry Arkson
Leader of Val Tech Guards
Tabitha Val
Val Tech
Val Tech Guards

Evil Jack Series

Hannah Davidson
Margo Whitney
Dr. Ryan James