Betsy Bobbins

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Betsy Bobbins is a character created by L. Frank Baum. Her Tin Man version is portrayed by Eliza Dushku in Nonestic Tales: Pirates of the Nonestic.

The legend of Blood-rage Bobbins begins in Mount Cove when two strangers docked a new ship. No one asks questions in Mount Cove, but instead of starting a brawl in a tavern like all the other captains looking to prove themselves, she tears into a slave owner. The other pirates chuckled and decided that if she got enraged, someone needed to be bloody, and were rather glad it wasn’t any of them who pissed her off. Still, her compassion may have gained her crew a Viewer, but ultimately it would make her a lousy pirate. And talk moved onto the current troubles with the Land of Ev.

The conversation was still on Ev trying to annex Mount Cove when the two arrivals entered the tavern. Bobbins listened for a while, and asked why no one attacked Ev instead, especially if their navy was such a joke. The other pirate captains recognized a sound chance for plunder and to keep Ev’s army at home by attacking their capital city, Evna. Bobbins signed her ship, the You and What Navy?, up for the fight, and then had to make a crew out of the dregs of Mount Cove (the volunteering sailors none of the other captains wanted). They figured it was her first time, she’d get a little something or die trying, no harm in letting her go along. She ended taking the Lord Mayor captive and emptied out half the treasury. Then after careful placement of flaming cannonballs, the citizens of Ev named Bobbins 'the Sacker of Evna.’ After she bought a few rounds, the other captains decided she really did earn both titles.