Bayonet Bellmonte

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First Appearance: Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Laissez Bon Temps Rouler

Gruyere was one of the first Plutarkians to land on Earth and he brought a pair of Martian Mice slaves. Block and Javelin eventually became mates and a daughter was born to them on Earth in 1973. For her sake, they escaped Gruyere's base of operations.

They found the Garden District home of Mathieu Bellmonte--the last of an old New Orleans family and the owner of a bar in the French Quarter--when he arrived there after he closed the bar. Mathieu invited the desperate and maltreated aliens inside, and they explained about the Plutarkians and Gruyere. Gruyere's goons attacked the house to bring the mice back. Block and Javelin gave their lives so Mathieu could escape with Bayonet. His house was destroyed and his left leg injured, but he got the baby away to safety.

He and Bayonet moved above the Last Round and he raised her while doing what he can to organize a resistance to Gruyere's plans, warning people of the "developments," sending tough guys that owe him favors to beat up on goons. Some of his regular patrons know about Bay and have helped train her to fight. Jacques Bougeois, an old family protector, has brought the Vampires of New Orleans against Gruyere as well.

Bay is tough but a bit innocent. She knows how to fight but she has never really tested herself. She has an instinctive hatred of all Plutarkians--especially Gruyere--that is residual from the memories that her birth parents shared with her. Her freezing terror of fire also stems from those memories. She wants to protect her Papa and her home, but doubts if she has what it takes. She loves her Papa and wishes he would lighten up on the whole "must remain hidden and humans aren't ready to know about aliens yet" thing. She would really like to find a nice guy and go out on at least one date. Halloween and Mardi Gras are the best holidays because she can go out "in costume" on the streets,

She is twenty-five years old in Wars Are Won By Those Who Dare: Laissez Bon Temps Rouler, six-feet-tall, and 140 pounds with mahogany-brown fur and waist-length, dark brown hair that is streaked naturally with red. She keeps her hair plaited in a French braid. Her eyes are red. She usually dresses in short, blue-jean cutoffs and a purple halter top/sports bra, and thick Coleman hiking boots. Her favorite mode of transportation is roller blades, which she keeps strapped to her back when not on her feet. Her favorite weapon is her large, semi-automatic handgun. But she knows a little self-defense martial arts and is pretty good at throwing knives.