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Azkadellia is the oldest daughter of the Queen and Ahamo and sister of DG. As far as the citizens of the O.Z. knew, she overthrew her mother annuals after her sister died and her father was banished, and crowned herself Sorceress. Unfortunately, she turned out to be a brutal tyrant and her Longcoats terrorized the population carrying out her orders. As the Eclipse grew closer, those orders focused on finding the Emerald of the Eclipse no matter what.

In reality, DG released a Wicked Witch who possessed Azkadellia and then killed DG. The witch then took over so she could lock the Outer Zone in eternal darkness with the power of the Emerald. DG helped free her sister from the witch, who melted when the anti-sunseeder went into reverse pulsation.

Azkadellia was portrayed by Kathleen Robertson.

My Fanon:

Azkadellia can forgive DG for the cave because DG kept trying to tell Tutor, Ambrose, and their parents something was wrong with Az and wasn't believed. The witch saw DG starting to sway Ambrose and that's why she strangled her.

Ambrose was the first to believe that something was wrong with Azkadellia and was off investigating the cave at Finaqua when DG died at the Northern Palace. Possessed Azkadellia captured Tutor in dog form the same night she killed DG and locked him away. He didn't have enough magic to escape that prison and was transferred to the prison at the Tower annuals later. Galinda and Ahamo scrambled to come up with a way to save DG without Ambrose's advice. And after the plan was in motion, they didn't dare tell him because of how close he and Azkadellia had been.

The witch targeted Ahamo for a couple of deadly accidents that he narrowly avoided. She was trying to kill him off to prevent the birth of another magic user who could stop her. Once the Queen and Ahamo realized what was going on, he left for the Realm of the Unwanted taking the compass and enough petty cash to make the thief story good enough to fool Ambrose. They told the Mystic Man after realizing that if the witch killed them, there was no one else who knew what was going on to help DG when she returned. Ahamo traveled to the Other Side with the help of the Mystic Man to keep the nurture units informed. Once Az formed the Longcoats, those visits had to stop and Ahamo left DG in Kansas. But he told the nurture units about the Longcoats on his last trip.

The Tin Men's Last Stand was an attempt to rescue their Commissioner from the gallows. The Sorceress executed him and his family because he was using the Tin Men to stop her Longcoats from terrorizing the people of Central City into giving up Resistance members. Her use of Viewers' second sight predicted the attempt and she set a trap instead.

Borrowed from Catyuy

Az has a crush on Ambrose and that's why the witch leaves Glitch alive at the Northern Palace.

Borrowed from Moony-blues

Az remembers everything that occurred during her possession.

Borrowed from thedoormouse

Azkadellia suffers from Stockholm Syndrome with her relationship with the witch.

Conversation with Catyuy and theredoormouse

Catyuy: "She had a great and wonderful childhood while I've been stuck with a HAG using me!" and she blames her parents for this of course? Not DG.

KLCtheBookWorm: Boy, is there some generational seething that hasn't exploded yet. Az remembers DG trying to tell what happened, so she doesn't blame her and feels that her mother chose to leave her to the witch to save DG. DG doesn't remember, but soon reasons out that before they chucked her to the Other Side, they could have found a Viewer and did Raw's trick with the mirror and found out the truth. So she feels thrown away and abandoned, and then they didn't even try to help Az get exorcised, so DG's a little pissed about that. She would be okay with being abandoned if they had done more for Az.

Stockholm, yes! And killing DG was what broke Az's will against the witch. Course the way I see it is DG's death had less to do with the stupid rhyme and more with that DG kept trying to tell the grownups what happened to Az even though she's been fairly traumatized herself, and somebody would actually pay attention to the little brat at some point.

Theredoormouse: I had never considered that as an idea for why DG was killed, but I love it to bits and pieces. It does fit really well too because you take into account that she's not only traumatized, but a bit of a hellion AND blaming herself and you get a convoluted story about vague bad thing happening to Az, which makes it harder for the adults to INSTANTLY know what's happened if the witch is careful...

KLCtheBookWorm: I have two younger sisters myself, so I remember this stage. I'm sure the witch was using the whole I'm too old for her baby games and I'm tired of her following me around teenage angst to cover the change in attitude.

And since the plan is so damn vague, I say that's all panicked parents plotting (and the Mystic Man shook his head a lot when he got the full story later). Ambrose wasn't there to give his input because he went back to Finaqua to find the cave that DG keeps talking about. Glitch seems to be having another "this is so familiar" moment with Tutor at the cave entrance at the beginning of Part Three.

Theredoormouse: Ambrose was like "okay I don't get what the tiny human is talking about but it has shaken her clearly and needs to be looked into" you know it. Toto is probably so quiet about it because he was one of the ones who went "God she's just looking for attention! You are spoiling her oh nameless queen!" and maybe even yelled at her for making up stories.

It does explain the really slap-dash plan to save DG as well. "Oh yes, we'll pretend to fight and split up. You go stick DG with a couple of Robots in the middle of nowhere where she can't learn to defend herself or even move about this world, but she'll totally save us later!" Because, though I'm not a parent, I can understand that you're like "holy sh!t my daughter just killed my other daughter ACTION MUST HAPPEN NOW!" knee-jerk reaction.

Catyuy: "holy sh!t my daughter just killed my other daughter ACTION MUST HAPPEN NOW!" knee-jerk reaction. I kind of like the thought that Queen realized what had possessed Az but assumed it would come after her. Thus when DG is KILLED OMG THIS WASNT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!!!!

"Ambrose wasn't there to give his input because he went back to Finaqua to find the cave that DG keeps talking about. Glitch seems to be having another "this is so familiar" moment with Tutor at the cave entrance at the beginning of Part Three." So Ambrose was away at the time of DG's death investigating, thus why the plan is rushed and full of FAIL.

KLCtheBookWorm: Yeap. Because Ambrose would have at least pointed out leaving a detailed dossier of what to do with the nurture units might be helpful! But going along with Rissy's indignation over "Our most loyal friend" comment, they didn't trust the right people.

The Queen's "I never thought she would..." is really ambiguous in this regard. I decided it worked better if the parents honestly thought Az was in charge of her decisions. Tutor was captured by possessed Az that night to. Ambrose was close to Azkadellia, so telling him was out, and he got swamped dealing with the fallout from DG's death so he didn't deal with the cave issue for a while either. Ahamo had a couple of close calls with "accidental" death, the Royal couple tell the Mystic Man what happened, he tweaks the plan best he could, and Ahamo leaves the court in disgrace to save his life. Then they finally figure out it is possession, but Az already has a power base in the court.

Ahamo was also traveling between Kansas and the O.Z. to check on DG and tell the nurture units what was going on, until the coup made it impossible to go. Which is why Hank and Emily know what Longcoats are.

Catyuy: That makes much more sense. Plus I feel sorry for Ahamo, cause I'm sure he was going off what his wife (who was more knowledgable in these matters) says.

Answers to Catyuy's Questions

Do the people call for Azkadellia’s execution/banishment or do they understand enough about magic to get that she was possessed?
I should get an epic fail in civics. I haven't bothered to consider what the people in mass would want to do to poor Azkadellia. What I have managed to come up with so far: In Dragons and Ninjas, the magic of the O.Z. subtly manipulates things in the Queen's favor. When Az was possessed, the O.Z. no longer recognized her as an heir to the throne. And then when the Queen gave up her power to bring DG back to life, she abdicated the throne to DG as far as the magic was concerned. Then DG disappeared and things started spiraling downhill in the natural world. This is my way of explaining the happy coincidences of the miniseries. De-possessed Az could have been DG's heir if she didn't have children, if the witch had not made her barren. So the people don't really have to worry about her taking over again.
For Pirates of the Nonestic: I think ended up with the locals being more dependent on their local lord for political decisions, and if he or she didn't have a problem with it *shrug* was their reaction. I'm sure the Sorceress encouraged this, because it was easier to keep the population under control.
Is Azkadellia ill after being freed of the witch? Does Azkadellia act like someone her age or does she still have some childlike mentalities? How much does Azkadellia remember about her possession? Everything in HiDef or just bits and pieces?
That depends on the direction to take the possession. She has mental trauma no matter if the witch was driving the body and Az had no control or if the witch was a seductive, dark voice in a reflection and in her head giving everything the worst spin imaginable. Conversation at Finaqua for the second example.
I think Az does remember everything, got to grow up some, and if it wasn't for the mental trauma, she would be a formidable political force. As it is now, I doubt she trusts herself with taking the lead.
Hmm, maybe I should play with the idea she doesn't choice in staying in charge idea. Next year, maybe.
Did the Sorceress have sex while in Azkadellia’s body?
I say yes, probably not often, but hormones put you through a ringer at some point. But the witch did not want to give birth to another Gale that could have the potential magical strength to vanquish her. So she gave Raynz the privilege of giving her a tubal ligation. Az wasn't in charge of that decision at all. (Thanks, Muse, I so wanted to think about that at lunch.
Does Azkadellia have any magic left?
There's nothing wrong with Az's magic, if anything, she had a magic boost with the possession. But she is going to have issues with even the innocent magical things the witch used to do. In Dragons and Ninjas, she only teleported because she was afraid for DG's life.