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First Appearance: Second season episode "Avalon, Part One, Two, and Three"

Angela is the daughter of Goliath and Demona. She was raised on Avalon with the rest of her rookery siblings by Princess Katherine, Tom and the Magus. She met Goliath, Elisa Maza, and Bronx when Tom brought them to Avalon to help defeat the Archmage (see the second season episodes "Avalon Part One, Two, and Three"). After the Archmage was defeated, she joined Goliath, Elisa, and Bronx on the Avalon World Tour and joined the Manhattan Clan when they returned to New York.

TGS Developments:


Knowing that Demona is her biological mother, Angela has tried to reach out and reform her. Demona has started teaching Angela magic to protect her from the Unseelie Court. Broadway and Angela have grown closer, and official engaged on Valentine's Day, 1998 (read the second season TGS episode "Gargoyles: Reunions").


Broadway and Angela mated and have three children: Artus, Gwynevere, and Samson by 2158. Gwynevere and her mother do not get along and this led to Gwynevere's leaving the clan by 2168.

My Developments:

Angela accidentally created a wraith that almost killed her by mixing mortal and fae magics. She had to tell Goliath about Demona teaching her magic, which he was unhappy with but agreed to let it continue as long as Cassandra supervised (read Gargoyles: A Mist of Prophecies: Shivers the Heart to Hear).