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This wiki article has all the details about Alfred Pennyworth from the Nolanverse movies.

My Fanon:

What is Batman without Alfred? All my stories have a reunion between the two beyond the tease Christopher Nolan left us in the Dark Knight Rises.

Signs and Portents series

The day after they return from Uzbekistan, Bruce Wayne takes Selina Kyle to Alfred's favorite cafe for supper and so Alfred can see he is okay. Selina arranges to speak to Alfred in a more normal fashion the following day (read Signs and Portents: Forgiveness is For the Living).

The Dark Knight Rises: Weapon of Shadows

Alfred tries to leave the cafe after spotting Bruce and Selina, but Cassandra (following Bruce's instructions) intercepts him and pulls him back to eat with the family (read The Dark Knight Rises: Weapon of Shadows).

Part of the Night series

Bruce and Selina made plans to go looking for Alfred once the aftermath was over, but he surprised them on Christmas Day by finding the group in the penthouse (read Part of the Night: The Wayne Legacy).