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First Appearance: Second season episode "The Gathering, Part One and Two"

Alexander is the son of David Xanatos and Fox, born on July 9, 1996. He is the grandson of Titania, Halcyon Renard, and Petros Xanatos. He has a strong bond with Lexington since they once shared a body (see the second season episode "Possession"). Puck is his tutor in magic.

TGS Developments:


Alexander's magic is very strong, for only being one-fourth fae. He accidentally transformed Angela, Broadway, Brooklyn, and Lexington into humans for a day (read the TGS first season episode "Gargoyles: Equality"). Because the possibility of not being able to undo another one of his spells could lead to greater trouble, Fox has started sitting in on the magic lessons to unlock her own magical potential.


Brooklyn met the adult Alexander in 2158. His longevity has not been explained but he is married to his second wife, Serena, and has four(?) children: Halcyon Xanatos, Anna Xanatos, ______ Xanatos, and ______ Xanatos. He looks like the adult version Puck showed in Goliath's dream (see the second season episode "Future Tense"), a red-headed version of David Xanatos with Fox's eye tattoo.

My Developments:

Titania sent Cassandra to Manhattan to help protect Alexander. Just in time too, because Loki was there to kidnap him (read Gargoyles: A Mist of Prophecies: A Storm of Things Foreseen). She now helps Puck teach Alexander magic.