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Ahamo is the Queen's husband and father of Azkadellia and DG. He is from the Other Side as well, blown over by a travel storm while he was working a hot air balloon ride at the Nebraska State Fair. After Azkadellia killed DG, he ran off, was labeled a "thief" and his name was banished by the Queen. DG is sent to find him in the Realm of the Unwanted, and he ends up kidnapping her away from Wyatt Cain, Glitch, and Raw is his guise as the Seeker. The Sorceress captured him after DG found the Emerald of the Eclipse and reunited him with the Queen. He was portrayed by Ted Whittall.

My Fanon:

Ahamo's birth name is Isaac Norman Henkle, which he never liked. "Ahamo" (Omaha spelled backwards) was a pet name between him and Galinda, which is why Tutor recognizes it.

Ahamo traveled to the Other Side with the help of the Mystic Man to keep the nurture units informed. Once Az formed the Longcoats, those visits had to stop and Ahamo left DG in Kansas. But he told the nurture units about the Longcoats on his last trip.

Possessed Azkadellia targeted Ahamo for a couple of deadly accidents that he narrowly avoided. She was trying to kill him off to prevent the birth of another magic user who could stop her. Once they realized what was going on, Ahamo left for the Realm of the Unwanted taking the compass and enough petty cash to make the thief story good enough to fool Ambrose.

Borrowed from kseda

Everyone panicked when Az killed DG and used all ideas, which is why the plan makes no sense. My caveat: Ambrose wasn't there to plan because it would have made more sense.

Answers to Catyuy's Questions

Does Ahamo have a job in Court?
Not an official job title other than Prince Consort. Slippers who stay in the O.Z. get pushed up to that rank because of Dorothy, and it sounds better in diplomatic relations with other kingdoms. But the Queen relies on him as a reader of people and how would non-royalty see this.
What is your personal fanon for Ahamo?
Fought in Vietnam in one of the first drafted units, so he was one of the first units to come home. The next six years he worked the carnival circuit, until his balloon got blown into the O.Z. from the Nebraska State Fair. It was his old military jacket he wore as the Seeker in the Realm, it helped him survive down there to think of it like Saigon.
Do they have any other family left in the O.Z, Earth or other kingdoms/realms/worlds? (like Ahamo's parents, siblings, cousins)
Ahamo doesn't discuss his family ever, so I think it was fall out from the Vietnam War.
BONUS QUESTION: Do you think Ahamo fought in a war when he lived on Earth? If yes, how did it affect him?
All the booms at the Tower brought back all the nightmares he thought he had forgotten about.