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First Appearance: Legends of Hyrule: The Hyrueliana

Agmaraa is a half-Gensiarian, the same as Lissa. Unfortunately, she chose to use her powers for personal gain rather than become a Guardian. The first time any Hyrulian characters met her was when Josh Kemper and Lissa traveled to New York City to take Josh home. Agmaraa, thinking that she was there to destroy her, attacked Lissa. Lissa managed to win the encounter and Josh realized that he wanted to stay with her, so they returned to Hyrule.

Agmaraa next traveled to the Gargoyles' New York City, intent on killing off all the halflings there before one could destroy her. Luckily for the Manhattan Clan, Zack Baker had accidentally traveled to their universe and had already faced her once. He was able to explain her weakness and the Gargoyles and Unseelie halflings banded together to drive her from their universe (read In the Mists of Prophecies: Gargoyles: Caught in the Folded Web).

She landed in Obkee right after Prince Nedron had reclaimed his throne. She offered her help in his new campaign against Hyrule. She kidnapped Lyle and used his power with her own against Lissa. A younger version of Lissa was pulled forward in time to protect Kevin, Kelamane, and Zorden. Zack Baker, Keno, and Ron Smyth traveled from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe to Hyrule and helped Zoe and her knights protect the kingdom. This was the first time Zack had met Agmaraa, but she remembered him helping the Gargoyles. This was the second time Zoe faced Agmaraa, and she did not understand how she survived their first fight in the ancient past of Hyrule. Four versions of Lissa and Lyle--present-self Lyle, future-self Lyle, present-self Lissa, and past-self Lissa--forced Agmaraa into Hyrule's past (read Legends of Hyrule: Trials of War).

Once there, Agmaraa tried to stop Hyrule from even being formed by descendants of elven and human couples. But Lyle's future self sent Zoe and Orden Larkspear to that time, and they succeeded in bringing together the couples that started Zoe's paternal and maternal lines. Agmaraa was finally destroyed (read Legends of Hyrule: The Hyrueliana).